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ASOC/CAW Workshops for 2017

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ASOC & CAW have an exciting range of tutors for 2017 as you can see below.

As workshops become open for registration a detailed description follows the summary table.

New workshops are added as they become available so keep an eye out for updates to this page.

Amanda McLean:
Interpreting the Elements of Landscape

Full - Waiting List Only

PastelsASOC3 & 4 June 2017Members $170
Non-members $210
Suzanne Moss:
Colour like a champion

Full - Waiting List Only

Theory Applies to AllCAW17 June 2017Members $185
Non-members $234
Chan Dissanayke:
Extending Watecolour (Intermediate to Advanced)
WatercolourASOC4th, 11th, 18th & 25th July 2017Members $190
Non-members $230
April Chung:
Silk Art/Painting
Silk PaintingASOC2, 9, 16 & 23 July 2017Members $220
Non-members $260
Pus $160 kit
Julie Bradley:
Mixing it up: mixed media, collage, drawing & stencilling
Mixed MediaCAW29 & 30 July 2017Members $222
Non-members $278
Jo Hollier:
Collagraph with Jo Hollier
Collograhic WorkshopASOC3 & 10 September 2017Members $130
Non-members $170
Kerry McInnis:
Be Brave 2
Mixed MediaCAW16 & 17 September 2017Members $276
Non-members $345
Tim Hardy
Seeing Through Drawing
DrawingASOC8 & 15 October 2017Members $100
Non-members $140
Denise Lithgow:
Sculptural Felting 3D Vessels
FeltingCAW22 October 2017Members $180
Non-members $230
Peter Griffen:
Colour, Abstraction & Still Life: Take a Line for a Walk!
Acrylics, Mixed MediaCAW21-22 October 2017Members $266
Non-members $333
Denise Lithgow:
Sculptural Felting 3D Vessels
TextilesCAW22 October 2017Members $180
Non-members $230
Michael Winters:
The Portrait: from Paint to Line
Drawing/PaintingCAW4 & 5 November 2017Members $276
Non-members $345
Ilona Lasmanis:
Monotype Printing
PrintingCAW1 & 2 December 2017Members $230
Non-members $285

Chan Dissanayake

Extending Watercolour

Intermediate to Advanced

4, 11, 18 & 23 July 2017

7 pm – 10 pm

 ASOC Studio at M16 Artspace

$190 ASOC/CAW Members

$230 Non-members

 Module 3 – Extending Watercolour (Level Intermediate to Advanced)

This course will suit students who have completed module 1 (Watercolour Fundamentals), Module 2 (Watercolour Freedom) or experienced students who have sound understanding of the fundamentals of the medium.

Week 1- Edge Control

Edge control is a critical skill that is required by any competent artist. We will tackle the challenge of producing variety of edges from soft, hard, dry to lost and found edges.

Week 2 – Painting Shadows and reflected light

Leading on from edge control we will take a closer look at how to create interesting and vibrant shadows. If not painted with care the shadows could look flat and dead, we will discuss how the reflected light affects the shadows and the good colour combinations to use in depicting shadows.

Week 3 – Brushwork and Creative mark making

Expressive brushwork is one of the most important qualities of a successful painting. Learn to apply your paint with a purposeful and deliberate brush stroke and try to avoid continual dabbing which leads to overworked and laboured looking paintings

Week 4 – Extending watercolour Techniques

Learn to extend beyond the standard techniques of watercolour and exploit the versatility of the medium to created magical effects.

About Chan

Chan Dissanayake is a multi-award winning watercolour artist living in Canberra ACT. He is well known for inspired demonstrations using a quick and direct approach to watercolour. He conducts regular workshops throughout Australia and is a highly regarded and popular tutor.

His bold and free style in watercolour has won many awards including the Agricultural Heritage Prize and Champion Exhibit at the Royal Canberra Show in 2013 as well as many Best of Show and People’s Choice Awards. He is a regular contributor to publications such as Australian Artist and Artist Palette magazines and his works are highly sought after in local and regional galleries. View Chan’s work on his website: http://www.chandissan.com.

Tim Hardy

Seeing Through Drawing

Drawing Workshop

Beginners to Advanced

8 & 15 October 2017, 10am – 4 pm

 ASOC Studio at M16 Artspace

$100 ASOC/CAW Members

$140 Non-members

We are thrilled to have multi-award and prize-winning artist Tim Hardy coming to ASOC in October 2017 with an exciting drawing workshop

Drawing is the most powerful way of learning to see objects more fully, and that is the focus of this workshop running over two days on consecutive Sundays. The first session is studio based, with a plein air workshop a week later.  The workshop should enrich your work whatever your subject and whatever medium you employ. The workshop is especially suitable for those at beginner and intermediate levels of drawing experience.

 I:  Studio Session

We will do a series of challenging and fun exercises which will include contour drawing, capturing gestures, and creating tonal drawings. You will be encouraged to create lively sketches that capture the essence of various objects.  We will use a variety of drawing media, including pencil, charcoal and ink.

II: Plein Air Session

The plein air workshop is focused on seeing a landscape more fully, and builds on the activities of the first workshop. A series of techniques in drawing a scene will be demonstrated, and then you will be assisted in drawing landscape subjects of your own choice.  Aspects of composition will also be considered.  Your plein air sketches can be used and combined as the basis of a more controlled drawing.

About Tim

Tim Hardy is passionate about the value of drawing, and is a multi-award winning artist, including a number of first prizes for his drawings and pastels. Earlier this year Tim was artist-in-residence at Tasmania’s Cataract Gorge.Tim is a very giving and sharing tutor and also convenes the popular ASOC workgroup, “Drawing Creatively”.

To learn more about Tim and his artworks visit http://asoc.net.au/tim-hardy/


Suzanne Moss Workshop 17 June 2017


Beginners to Advanced

This is a 4 week course held on Sundays 2, 9,16 & 23 July 2017

9.30am – 1 pm

 ASOC Studio at M16 Artspace

$220 ASOC/CAW Member, $260 Non-members + $160 for complete comprehensive kit.

Join expert tutor April Chung (chapman) on a silk painting journey learning new and traditional methods.


Week One: Learning all the techniques of using silk dyes on 100% pure silk (8mm Habutai) Inclusive of scrunching and tie-dye. Demonstrations to be followed by practical work. and “homework”: Pre-gutta the silk stretched on the embroidery frame.

Week Two: Follow-up on “homework”, practical application of silk dyes in their designs. More demonstrations on the round embroidery frame. Learn to stretch silk on adjustable long wooden frame, and using it to achieve a desired pattern/design. Students can use picture frames or make their own (instructions given).Homework: Prepare a specific design on tracing paper.

Week Three: Techniques learnt will now be used to paint silk scarves (square,90 cm by 90 cm and long and narrow,120 cm by 42 cm). Learn to use other silk Painting material, such as coloured gutta to enhance designs. Homework: Steam-fix scarves at home.

Week Four: Follow up work done in Week Three .T rouble-shooting and appraisal on work done thus far. Demonstrate techniques used in picture -making, a) A simple landscape b) A floral arrangement.



  • Jo Hollier

    Collagraphs with Jo

    Some Printmaking Experience Required

    3 & 10 September 2017, 10am – 4 pm

     ASOC Studio at M16 Artspace

    $130 ASOC/CAW Members

    $170 Non-members

    We are thrilled to have the very talented and award winning artist Jo Hollier return to ASOC in September 2017 with an exciting collagraph workshop

    Have intensive fun creating your collagraph plates by building up layers of low-relief patterns with a mix of modelling media such as polyfila and found, flat objects. Initially we will experiment making several plates (6 or so) which will be coated with a gloss. Once sealed and dry, the plate surface can be inked and the image transferred to paper in various ways.

    This is an exciting experimental printmaking method and the results are often unpredictable. We will print the plates by the following methods in order to best interpret the imagery created on the plate:

    • Relief print
    • Intaglio print
    • Relief and inaglio.
    • Monoprint

    Some of the plates may be dry enough to enable us to print on the first day but usually a longer drying time is necessary.

     On the second day we will print all our plates and you will be amazed at the prints produced.

    About JO

    Jo completed a Diploma in Visual Arts Printmaking in 2001 and has not looked back since. Apart from being a recipient of residencies, awards and prizes, Jo is very keen on experimentation and research. This shows not only in her own work but also her ability to tutor and mentor her students.

    Jo is an outstanding tutor in her field. You can find out more about Jo by visiting her website: www.johollier.com.

  • Amanda McLean

    Interpreting the Elements of Landscape

    Full – Waiting List Only

    Pastel – Beginners to Advanced

    3 & 4 June 2017

    10am – 4 pm

     ASOC Studio at M16 Artspace

    $170 ASOC/CAW Members

    $210 Non-members

  • We are very fortunate to have multi-award and prize-wining artist Amanda McLean returning in 2017 with an exciting new workshop. Amanda is a popular and highly regarded tutor so get in quick for this one.

    In this enjoyable two-day workshop, Amanda will guide you through some of the major elements required to enable you to paint beautiful landscapes in pastel. The workshop will also assist you to avoid common pitfalls and problems. We will look in depth at painting Skies, Clouds Trees, Water and Grasses.

    Amanda McLean is a highly-regarded artist who has been exhibiting for around 30 years and teaching for over 20 years. She has been a regular contributor to Australian Artist and International Artist Magazine for many years. Her broad knowledge of the pastel medium has seen her contribute to developing paper and Pastel colours, and to test new products under development. This includes a new range of Australian pastels due for release in 2017.  She is recognised for her sensitive interpretations of the local landscape especially her skies and water. Her work is held in collections both nationally & internationally.


ASOC is pleased to announce a series of Special Workshops and other events jointly convened with the Canberra Art Workshop (CAW).

Members of either CAW or ASOC can now register in either organisation’s workshops at the membership price. Above is a combined list of proposed workshops for 2017. Keep an eye on each organisation’s website for details and regular updates of their events.

Registration forms are available from the CAW and ASOC websites. Carefully read and follow the instructions for each hosting organisation. CAW and ASOC independently process their own workshop registrations.

At this stage the collaboration applies to paid workshops, lectures, etc. It does not apply to exhibitions.

Any queries should be directed to the ASOC Workshop Coordinator or the CAW Workshop Coordinator