Spring Exhibition Entry Form with PayPal Payment

ASOC 2017 Spring Exhibition Entry Form
Please read conditions of entry prior to competing form.
Form must be submitted by 28 August.

This form comprises 5 pages. As you complete each page click next (bottom right) to move to the next page.

The final page provides an option for emailing the form to yourself as a record of your entries and roster duties.

Member Number (If Known)
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Size (cm) 1:
Medium 1:
Sale Price 1:
Entry Fee 1:
Title 2:
Size (cm) 2:
Medium 2:
Sale Price 2:
Entry Fee 2:
Title 3:
Size (cm) 3:
Medium 3:
Sale Price 3:
Entry Fee 3:
Title 4:
Size (cm) 4:
Medium 4:
Sale Price 4:
Entry Fee 4:
Title 5:
Size (cm) 5:
Medium 5:
Sale Price 5:
Entry Fee 5:
Title 6:
Size (cm) 6:
Medium 6:
Sale Price 6:
Entry Fee 6:
Title 7:
Size (cm) 7:
Medium 7:
Sale Price 7:
Entry Fee 7:
Title 8:
Size (cm) 8:
Medium 8:
Sale Price 8:
Entry Fee 8:

ASOC PRIZE - Öld Master"- Style or Copy

Title of Painting (See Sepcial Conditions Page 2)
In the style of or a Copy of the work of a nominated “Old Master"
Master Sale Price:
Master Entry Fee:
Total Entry Fee:

Please complete the roster on Page 5 before submitting your form for payment.

Duty Roster

All exhibitors are expected to contribute to the running of the exhibition.

Unless you have contributed in some other way, please mark three roster periods below, but note that you will only be allocated two of these. Your roster times will be placed on our website as well as being in an envelope with your artwork cards and receipts to collect when you deliver your artworks. 

Please note your choices


Tasks - Please indicate preferences

1st Period

2nd Period

Tuesday 19 Sept – Setup
Tuesday 19 Sep
Tuesday 1st Period:
Tuesday 2nd Period:
Wednesday 20 Sept – Opening
Wednesday 20 Sep
Wednesday 1st Period:
Wednesday 2nd Period:
Thursday 21 Sept
Thursday 21 Sep
Thursday 1st Period:
Thursday 2nd Period:
Friday 22 Sept
Friday 22 Sep
Friday 1st Period:
Friday 2nd Period:
Saturday 23 Sept
Saturday 23 Sep
Saturday 1st Period:
Saturday 2nd Period:
Sunday 24 Sept
Sunday 24 Sep
Sunday 1st Period:
Sunday 2nd Period:
Monday 25 Sept– Pack up
Monday 25 Sep
Monday 1st Period:
I have not filled in the duty roster because I have / will be contributing in some other way: (please specify)
Committee Member:
I have read the Terms & Conditions Document linked at the top of this page*
Total Entry Fee:(1)

By clicking on this button you will be submitting your form electronically and at the same time directed to Paypal to make your payment. When the payment has been made click on Return to Vendor to get your confirmation message.

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