Val Fitzpatrick

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Val’s involvement in all aspects of art began in the1960s. Formal and casual training from attending various art courses and workshops gave her the impetus to study all aspects of the fine arts, finally leading her into teaching at various institutions.

Over the years, there has been a shift in her choice and application of subject matter, possibly due to travel and study into other civilisations both Ancient and mythological.

Not content to follow the usual, Val has chosen to investigate and research the various mediums available, to apply them in a way to satisfy her need to be individual and unique.

A winner of many awards, Val has demonstrated and taught at various community workshops in a variety of mediums. Her love of texture has led her into discovering and employing a different approach to the use of watercolour, pastels and collage. To see some of Val’s awards please Click Here.

A recent return to encaustic painting has highlighted this urge to showcase texture.

You can see Val’s work at Strathnairn, 90 Stockdill Drive Holt. Her Face Book page, or visit her studio in Belconnen. Contact ph. 0403595697

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