ASOC response to  COVID–19

Regretfully the ASOC studio is closed until further notice, as required by Government direction.

This means that no workgroups, workshops or meetings will be held in the studio until further notice.

As the days unfold we encourage  members to submit  suggestions for online activities and keep in touch via email or social media.

We have a public facebook page
and also a private one  just for members

Be creative. share interesting art  video clips and blogs.
Here is a wander through some fabulous art galleries to start with
12 Famous Museums Virtual Tours
If you know of anyone who does not have email access, we would be grateful if you could give them a call and let them know.

Reach out to those who are vulnerable and offer assistance.
The coronavirus situation is changing quickly,  it is important  that we stay informed, stay in touch and remember the enduring strength of our arts community.

We will continue to keep members updated as the situation changes – via regular email updates, our website and facebook.

Wishing you well during these difficult  times, 

0422 008 759