Latest Update:
Our studio at M16 is now open and welcoming workgroup members. The studio has been quiet for four months, and for its reopening special measures for social distancing and hygiene are now in place. Social distancing rules permit 10 persons to attend a workshop but please check with the Workgroup Convenor as to the arrangement for any particular group. It is good to see that during the isolation period members embraced their creative opportunities and are ready for our Spring and Christmas Exhibitions.

The 2020 Spring Exhibition is on 13 – 22 November this year. It will be held in the expansive and heritage setting of the Fitters Workshop. Details are on the website above. Entries are restricted to members only.

The Christmas Exhibition is from 4 December to 4 January at fascinating new venue of Dirty Jane’s in Fyshwick. Entries are free to members, who are able to enter one artwork due to space restrictions. Workgroups (open to members) will also be able to exhibit at Dirty Jane’s with a roster being prepared for next year.

We are planning our workshop program for 2021 so keep an eye on the web and the newsletter. It is looking really good for the first few months of 2021.

The October/November is on this website – see the link to newsletters above.

Please keep an eye on the website for further news and developments.