ASOC Summer Art Experience (SAE)

6 – 10 January 2020 

Check availability of workshops here

The three day option is for the first 3 days of the workshop (Mon – Wed) only.

If you decide after attending for the 3 days that you would like to stay for the full 5 days, you will be able to do that by paying the balance.

Vsl Johnson
Lorna Crane
Peter Griffen
Paul Margocsy 3
Amanda McLean
Junko Azukawa

Val Johnson

Lorna Crane

Peter Griffen

Paul Margocsy

Amanda McLean

Junko Azukawa

Pattern, Shape & Colour in the Outback Landscape

Experimental mark making with hand-made brushes

Colour, abstraction, the figure and still life

Walk on the Wildside – The beauty and wonder of wildlife art

The Pastel Landscape

Japanese Ink Art

Discover how pattern, shape and colour come together.

Dare to be different with a fresh, exciting approach.

Working in an abstract way using acrylic, drawing, mixed media.

Explore the beauty and wonder of wildlife art.

An in-depth look at the use of pastel for landscape.

Japanese calligraphy (Shodo), ink painting (Sumi-e) and creating your own stamp.

Leigh Walker
Craig Penny
Ev Hales

Leigh D Walker

Lucy and Barry McCann

Craig Penny

Ev Hales

Core skills: a drawing extravaganza

A considered approach in acrylics

Exploring Acrylics

Back to Basics in Watercolour

Different ways of seeing, thinking and drawing.

Achieve an oil-like look to your work using acrylic paint.

Explore the acrylic medium and its versatility.

Learning how to create with and tame this exciting medium.