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Most of the ASOC Workgroups below have restarted after a lengthy closure.  Workgroups are operating in the ASOC Studio at M16 under strict conditions of social distancing and hygiene. A maximum of seven members can be accommodated at any one time. Seven workgroups are operating, while those that are not are:  Experimental, Portrait and Life Drawing, Ways with Watercolour and Drawing Creatively.

Untutored Workgroups are available only to ASOC members. These are held in the ASOC Studio D:
M16 Artspace
21 Blaxland Crescent
Griffith ACT

Workgroups cost $40 per for a 10 week term (for half day sessions), unless stated otherwise. Some workgroups hire models, etc which will be priced into the term costs.

Please note that as the ASOC Contemporary Workgroup runs across two sessions on Fridays it has a fee of $80 per 10 week term.

Specific Workgroup enquiries should be addressed to the Workgroup Convenor listed below. Workgroups are available only to ASOC members and payment of term fees is also to be made to the Workgroup convenor. 

Pastel Explorers

9.30am – 1.30pm

Convenor: Ian Bignall

Pastel Explorers are a group for painters who all have some experience of working with pastels.  Our common interest is a passion for the beauty of pastels, their vibrant colours and the different effects that can be achieved with underpainting, layering and using different coloured and textured pastel papers

We work on our own projects often using photographs as inspiration. We work together in the studio for about three hours on a Monday morning. On other days, some members meet to paint outdoors or do quick preparatory sketches for later more finished work.

 We share ideas and experiences and benefit greatly from shared encouragement and honest feedback. Group members have a wide variety of interests and techniques. Some are interested in painting landscapes, others enjoy still life subjects, portraits, animal subjects and floral arrangements.  We use a variety of pastels including hard and soft pastels, pastel pencils and pan pastels. We share framing and mounting tips and where to source materials and subjects. Some members display their work at exhibitions and others have decided not to exhibit.

Together, we explore and share the potential and beauty of pastels.

 Vacancies:  Yes


1.30pm – 4.30pm

Convenor: Sue Cook 
0413 297 834

An interactive group challenging the boundaries, experimenting with multi media and exploring a wide range of techniques and ways to apply paint.

Create vibrant and unusual artworks using non-traditional methods where you allow your image to emerge and develop from spontaneous, incidental interactions of marks and media. Anyone interested in exploring and sharing these concepts is most welcome to join this workgroup. This is a space where you allow your creativity to dominate without being constrained by previous learnings. It’s a place to explore with freedom and abandonment.

Vacancies:  Yes

Waiting List: Short

Portrait & Life Drawing

10.00am – 1.00pm

Convenor: Jo Anne Pulko

0408 400 472

This friendly, encouraging group alternates weekly between life drawing and portraits. Group members often comment on the mentally absorbing nature of the drawing process, and on the remarkable variety in our artistic responses to our models.

Participants use whichever odourless medium they prefer. Each session consists of a number of short poses and several longer poses. There is also time to look around and share our work, and we have a short morning tea break to swap ideas or just have a chat. Tea, coffee, milk and biscuits are provided.

In addition to the term enrolment fee, there is a weekly model fee (currently $15).

Vacancies:  No

Waiting List: Short (enquire with Jo Anne)

Fun with Printmaking

1.30pm – 4.30pm

Convenor: Simone Doherty
0418 234 954

Our workgroup has taken a great leap forward with the purchase by ASOC of a printing press. Not only do we experiment with lino and monoprinting, but creative drypoint etching is a printing process which members of our group are now thoroughly enjoying. We anticipate trying new types of printing, and the group is expanding. So, if you are interested in seeing us in action, or even joining the group, do come along on a Tuesday afternoon. Members of ASOC are always welcome to pop in and join in the fun. Each session fee is $5 which includes payment for the use of inks.

Vacancies: Yes

Ways with Watercolour

10.00am – 1.00pm

Contact: Stella Perin
0403 239 664

It is not a class or a tutorial but a gathering of folk interested in painting with watercolour. Generally members choose their own subject for the day or may seek suggestions or guidance from a fellow WWWist. The idea of WWW is to share, enjoy and appreciate the diversity of each other’s talents and maybe, learn something new. Occasionally, professional artists are invited to advise, encourage and even inspire our members. Plein air painting does not suit everybody but on occasions we may take to working outside. All members are encouraged to enter ASOC’s annual exhibition in September. All are welcome. All you have to do is to join ASOC and contact the convenor. A $4 fee is charged each Wednesday.

Vacancies: Places are limited

Drawing Creatively

1.30pm – 4.30pm

Convenor: Tim Hardy 
0427 369 117

This workgroup is for those who want to explore the potential of drawing as an art form through taking risks and experimenting. Drawing is the most powerful way of developing our ability to see.  Drawing encourages us to be expressive.  It also is a very effective means for trying out new ideas.   Our work encompasses the rapid sketch to the more developed drawing form.  Subjects for drawing are limitless, and the group includes both studio and plein air work.  Group members are encouraged to use a wide range of media for mark making, including charcoal, pastel, pencil, ink and paints. We share our drawing skills and knowledge with other members, and to extend ourselves we can opt to take on challenging drawing exercises.

Vacancies: No

Waiting List: Long

All Comers

9.30 am – 12.30 pm

Convenor: Annette Rennie
6291 4212

For all members. Beginners to experienced artists are very welcome. All mediums and subjects are covered in this workgroup. Help and constructive advice is freely available. This is a very friendly group which is already very well established. All are welcome.

Vacancies: No

Waiting List: Short

Flora and Fauna

1.00pm – 4.00pm

Convenor: Gillian Bellas
6288 5041

We welcome any one who likes to draw/paint any form of animal or plant life in whatever style you choose; abstract, botanical, realistic or futuristic. All sorts of media are explored by different members of the group, though please no toxic solvents as some of us are allergic to them, and table easels only as stand up easels restrict the available space. We don’t have tutors but if invited we are happy to give advice, feedback and praise. We are a very sociable group and we have a lot of laughs but be prepared for the occasional bout of adult humour!

 Vacancies: Waiting List

ASOC Contemporary

10.00am – 4.00pm

Convenor: Cheryl Parkins
6290 2692

The ASOC Contemporary Group is an enthusiastic, friendly and supportive group.  We enjoy exploring a wide range of techniques using various media with a view to mutual artistic development. We have held many successful exhibitions over the years and enjoy having this common focus to bring our individual skills and talents together.
We all choose our subject matter according to our own preference but swap ideas and give feedback within the group. Sometimes we sketch outdoors for extra inspiration or invite a tutor for the day. Our members are very generous with sharing their own experiences and will often give a demonstration using their newfound knowledge. We inspire and encourage one another.

Vacancies: No

Waiting list:  We prefer to give priority to newcomers who do not yet belong to any ASOC workgroup.

Saturday Oils

9 am – 12.30pm
Convenor: Trish Dillon
0407 495 415

For all members interested in painting in oils. Beginners to experienced painters are welcome. 

Friendly support is available from other workshop members. Some plein air excursions may be undertaken with the agreement of the workgroup.

We meet each Saturday morning when the ASOC Studio is available.

Vacancies: Places are limited

Saturday Afternoon Allsorts

1.30pm – 4.30pm

Convenor: Louise Spencer

For all members of all skill levels. This group is aimed at artists who have limited free time and will appreciate the time, space and support from fellow artists to follow their artistic passions. We meet in the ASOC Studio, when it available (fortunately this is most weeks). This is a very flexible group, so bring along whatever medium suits you, and work on whatever subject you like!

Vacancies: No

Waiting List: Short

For general enquiries about workgroups please contact the Workgroups  Coordinator:

Lynn Nicholas
0423 626 162