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ASOC/ACT Region Catchment Groups Art Exhibition and Prizes Entry Form with PayPal Payment
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 14 – 21 April 2018

Form must be submitted by 6 April 2018.
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ART WORKS SUBMITTED RE: - Recording the Heritage Sites of the Region in Fine Art

Title of Work 1:*
Size in cm (Work 1) e.g. 20 x 10cm*
Medium Work 1:*
Work 1 Entry Fee:*

Title of Work 2:
Size in cm (Work 2) e.g. 20 x 10cm(1)
Medium Work 2:
Work 2 Entry Fee:

Title of Work 3:
Size in cm (Work 3) e.g. 20 x 10cm(1)(1)
Medium Work 3:
Work 3 Entry Fee:
Total Amount:

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